Early Spring = Early Angling

Posted by Curtis Lamey on

Definitely a mild winter across the board in North America and fly fishing season is well under way in a lot of areas throughout the continent.  A mix of midges, bwo’s and smatterings of Skwala’s are getting the job done on many rivers throughout N.A..

Make sure you’re armed with the right weapons when you hit the banks at a river near you.  Touchstone Nymphs in sizes 6-12, Black Widow Perdigons in sizes 18-20 cover the midges while the Hot Butt Olive Perdigon is a great choice for emerging olives.

As the dams begin to open, pushing  water into the tail water rivers  and  scouring the bottom; a variety of food types are made available to keen trout.  Sow bugs and worms are a big part of that early season diet and we have all the colors to cover the various stages of these abundant bugs.

The Carpet Sow Bug in Rainbow and Gray seem to be the big sellers year in and year out.  Pink, Dead Orange and Tan are close behind.  If you’re worming, our Two Tone Collared worm is double tungsten beaded for the dredge game.  Free floating a sow bug behind is always a good idea.

Looking forward to an amazing 2024 fly fishing season!

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